Some People are Just Good Pretenders

December 27, 2011
By Breeee BRONZE, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Breeee BRONZE, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
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Look at that girl.
Look at her.
What do you think?

You think she’s pretty.
You think she’s thin.
You think she’s popular.

Too bad you don’t know her.
Maybe if you did you’d know that truth.
You wouldn’t believe the illusion.

You’d know she hates her face.
She thinks she’s so ugly.
She thinks her nose is too big.

You’d know she starves herself.
She makes herself throw up.
She still doesn’t feel thin enough though.

You’d know those aren’t her real friends.
She feels alone.
She feels worthless.

You thought what you saw was true
Goes to show you that what you see,
Isn’t always reality.

The author's comments:
This piece may be written in third person, but honestly it's about me. People almost never understand how I feel when I try to open up to them because of what they see. They see me as a happy girl. But that's the farthest thing from what I really am.

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