Your Little Girl

December 27, 2011
By Breeee BRONZE, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Breeee BRONZE, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
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You look at me like I’m still 6 years old.
You look at me as if I’m still an innocent child.
You think of me as your baby girl.
You think of me as sweet and polite.

But what you do not know,
Is that I am none of things.
I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, I’ve stole,
I’ve said things intending to hurt people.

I’m anything but innocent.
You only know one half of me,
The half I want you to know,
The half that isn’t real.

I sneak around,
Never doing anything too bad.
But bad enough that you won’t accept it.
I could never tell you.

You try to talk to me.
But I refuse.
You’re the last person I could open up to.
The absolute last.

You don’t see the hurt I have,
You don’t see my cry,
You don’t know my pain,
You don’t know how I feel

So I let you believe your lies,
I tell you what you want to hear.
Mommy, daddy, yes I’m innocent.
No, I don’t do anything bad.

Mommy, I don’t lie or cheat.
Daddy, I don’t steal.
I’m still an innocent child.
I’m still your little girl.

The author's comments:
I felt alone when writing this. Like no matter how much a hurt inside, my parents would never see. I felt hurt, lost, and angry.

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