Break free

December 24, 2011
I was up so high,
I had my two feet on the ground, and my head in the sky,
a little girl with so many dreams,
but I guess life is never what it seems,
you knocked on my door, whispered in my ear come and play,
I woke up helplessly searching for you every day,
I held on to your every word, a slave to your distress,
you chewed me up and spit me out, when I was at my best,
and still you didn't stop when I hit the ground,
you pushed and you kicked, yet I was so afraid when you weren't around,
how was I so unaware of what you were doing to me,
why was I so oblivious to what everyone else could clearly see?
I needed you, you know.. so very bad,
you were all I had left, after you took everything I once had,
maybe that's why it was so hard to leave,
you were the cause of my sorrow, yet ironically could erase my grieve,
so what do you do when what lifts you up, also tears you down?
when what makes you smile, also makes you frown?
I was so lost, so confused, a dreaming artist who had lost her muse,
at the bottom, I once was told the only way to go was up,
so I took that and ran with it, with pure faith, not luck,
and what did I find you may ask?
a world of realness, emotions without a mask,
it wasn't easy to leave you behind,
but it was myself that I desperately needed to find,
I learned to deal with life, as it came to me,
a baby bird learning to fly, to spread those wings, and to break free.
I missed you sometimes, at night when I was all alone,
but I was promised in the morning the sun would still shine, and it shone,
it got a little easier every day,
and now I couldn't be more thankful that I finally threw you away,
it's simple to see you for what you are now, and not for what you conned me into believing,
you were a monster with pretty blue eyes, invited me in, you were so deceiving,
all that matters now, is I'm on my way back to the top,
and until I succeed there's no way I'm going to stop,
I'm so much stronger than ever before,
I've come a long way, since that day you knocked on my door,
I'm finally making my dreams come true,
and when I become the amazing person I'm destined to be,
I'll sit back and laugh, laugh at you..

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