If My Tomorrow Never Comes

December 24, 2011
Today, I guess at the dusk,
I was wondering, what if my tomorrow never comes?
Would my absence make any difference?
Would there be tears in eyes of whom I love?
Or no one would care because I made them sad once?

Questions like these haunts me now,
Makes me wonder, how it would be after life?
If my tomorrow never comes,
One question which holds the importance the most is,
Am I proud of what I did when I had the time?

If my tomorrow never comes,
I want to apologize to everyone,
I’m sorry, If I might have said something,
Something that I shouldn’t have,

I’m sorry, for all the things I did or I didn’t do,
For I know actions hurt more than the words,
I’m sorry, if I ever Ignored you,
Cause I know how it feels to get ignored by the people we love,

I’m sorry, If I ever made you feel sad or put you down,
Cause no one can judge thee but the lord,
I’m sorry, If I ever thought I was bigger or better than you,
Cause someone made me understand not every finger is same,

I’m writing this because no one ever knows,
What if my tomorrow never comes?
If I never got a chance to say sorry,
I’m sorry cause I don’t know If my tomorrow will ever come.

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