Labyrinth To My Heart

December 23, 2011
A turn or two and you’re off on your journey.
I can’t help you find the treasure.
If I did, it wouldn’t be worth as much.
I give you hints and clues to where it might be.
You get lost every once in a while, but its okay.
I always call you back out.
I gave you a map to guide you.
We both know that it will take you a long time to find it, but I know that you think it’s worth it.
I’ll try to make it worth the trouble.
The treasure is a little beat up, but you knew that from the start.
You still want it no matter the cost or the condition.
You want to claim it as yours.
I want you to take care of it as if it were.
Can you do that?
You’re almost there. Just a little further.
You can see it, can’t you?
Now here’s the fun part.
You have to fight off my emotions and mental issues.
I know you can do it and you do too.
You finish them off with ease.
Now it’s all yours.
You earned it.
You made it through the labyrinth to my heart and me.

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