December 23, 2011
By , San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
Death is calm, peaceful
Daring to the living,
It comes silently, sometimes with warning
At other times, pierces you like a bullet.
Death is a war waged from the inside
Trying to keep vessels alive
With enough strength to go on
Tearing hearts apart dreadfully, day by day.
It is a dark and deviant place;
Pulling you under like the current
Washing you away like ocean waves.
It is a torrent even the mightiest soul
Is unable to resist.
Death is forever in search
Of a new victim, a prey to its disease;
It's weapons, addictions of the human soul.
Thy abstract is harsh
Corruptive to emotions and mind
Acceptance is defeat to the mirage of life
Death is the final step
Towards what may be peacefully defined.

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