The Truth About Forever

December 23, 2011
By , Henderson, NC
I take refuge in my mother,
For she guides me,
And makes decisions that don’t usually
Lead me Wrong.
Even though sometimes
She can be a little

I realize now
That she was wrong.
Wrong about everything.
Wrong about me.
I know now,
That all my life,
I’ve been living only to please everyone else,
Careless of my own feelings.

So I run,
Run to a place where I feel secure,
Among normal people,
People that don’t bring me down,
Or try to make me something
That I’m Not.

My mother does not approve.
Not of me.
Not of my friends.
Not of my new life.
I try to escape her grip,
But it is seemingly impossible.

Settlements are made,
Punishments assigned.
I no longer
Can obtain the freedom that I seek.
My mother does not understand.

Wish Catering.
I would have never guessed something so simple
Could have changed me so much.
Not for the worst, as my mother had thought.
But they made me better, improved my life,
In ways I could never have imagined.
She knows now.
Knows my pain,
And my flaws.
But she also realizes
That they are not bad things.
And that differences are what
Makes each of us unique.

With the help of Wes, Bert, Kristy, Monica, and Delia,
I have learned to have
Self-Confidence and Pride.
I became Happy again,
A gift not many people could have given me.

I realize now
That nothing in life is certain,
Or guaranteed.
My forever is not laid out, planned.
But there is one truth about forever that really matters
And that is this:
It’s happening.

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