Infatuated Runaways

December 23, 2011
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Let's commit the perfect crime
I'll steal your heart and you'll steal mine
We'll be runaways for the rest of our lives
Cut through hate,doubt,and betrayal with love like knives
Their blood,our wine,their lost,our success
Let's celebrate surviving by making a mess
Drive the wrong way on a one way street
Atheists and assassins we will meet
Tread on no-trespassing,unknown ground
Come on,let's going snooping around
They say curiosity killed the cat
I say information brought it back
Let's take risks like never before
Get adrenaline pumping as we run door to door
Throw out every chance we got 'cuz I know you won't leave me
Pants and gasps and now my chest is heaving
We test each other by running away
I guess you could say its our own little game
And just as long as you come back to me
Then that's my sign to never leave
I'd never want to anyway
You're too perfect and grow more everyday
You'll be my penguin,my one and only
You are the first and last person everyday I want to see
Ignore the people who say to be single and to stay that way
We will kidnap each other,steal each other's hearts,and runaway

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