I won't take another

December 27, 2011
This will haunt me forever.
I woke to pain.
What was he doing to me??
How do I stop him??
I realized my mistake.
A small joint landed me hopeless on my back.
A slap across my face,
punch to my organs.
Pinned down.
Worthless, dirty....
Another jab to the ribs
then I'm alone.
Gathering my broken body,
I ran.
A scared 14 year old girl in hysterics.
Where could I go?

I slept on the cold, wet ground that night.
I waited for that sun to rise.
No mom, I was at a friends. I'm fine.
Chills irk through my body.
I will get revenge.
I can't take another bruise on my battered body.

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