January 5, 2012
Look, don't speak, and listen,

You're right but I am too and with these tears rolling down my cheeks and across my heart they both glisten.

I don't know what to do, for I am not a follower but a stunned leader,

You're like an interesting book that's hard to read, but I dare to be the only reader.

These words are meaningful and continue to be reminiscin',

You tell me you hear me, yeah that's true but you just don't listen.

I want to say I'm done with love, I'm fed up and tired of the pain,

But, yes there's a but, I'm always going to love you, no matter the weather, soon we'll be kissin' in the rain.

I want to be held tight and protected boy can't you see,

If you would listen, you would have realized sooner we are destined to be, me and you, you and me.

If you don't wanna try and talk and make things work, you will be out on me missin',

So damn it, jus' shut the freak up and freakin' listen.

There are a couple of deadly words such as "I do" and most of all "I love you",

Well, with you I would use all of them, cause these feelings are oh so true!

I wanna feel your hands in mine, lips on lips, and me in your arms,

But before all this happened you swore to me as long you're around I'll be outta harm.

So I don't want you to talk, I want you to feel and hear OUR hearts together hissin',

All this I promise will happen If you just would listen. . .

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