Oh Annie

January 5, 2012
By wilkieeeee BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
wilkieeeee BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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High maintenance, golden fluff ball.
Running recklessly up and down the hallway,
she knocks pictures off the wall.
Her claws like knives
etch scratches into the shiny wooden floors,
each one telling a story.
She splashes out of the pool.
Water drips from her wet fur,
sinking deep into the perfectly soft carpet.
She silently jumps on the couch and chewing up the pillows
Like a child peeking at his presents on Christmas morning.

Her big blue eyes bore deep into mine.
She reads my emotions while adjusting her actions,
curling up close to me when I’m upset.
Always looking out for me when I get scared,
protecting me from the outside world.
Laying right by my side when I get sad,
letting me know that everything will be okay.
My personal dream catcher
saving me from nightmares.

Her fur greys slowly each day.
Her eyes tell a story of a long life lived,
you can see her time coming closer
Nothing will ever stop her,
still so lively and care-free.
Please never leave me
Oh Annie.

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