The Drug In Me Is You

December 24, 2011
By Anonymous

He took her heart and squeezed it full of pain. She wept in her sorrow as he cackled away into the night that consumed him. Nothing could mend this broken soul, not the cooing trees or the dancing birds could mend her broken soul. She wondered this barren earth trying to find her lover. She tried and tried to find her lover but yet could not. But when she finally camed across her lover a sight she did not want to see, another with her lover she did see. Engraged and furious she charged at him like a mad beast. Clawing and slashing at his flesh and biting into his skin making him moan. Little did he know he was slowly dieing in my arms. our bodies intwined like the roots of roses, I swore this time I would never let him go. When all was said and done I dragged my lover home and tucked him into the dirt. Ever since that day I visited him, I talked to him knowing he was mine forever and always.

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