The Knot

December 23, 2011
By Anonymous

A pure Feather –
Plucked from its swan with Benevolence,
Not containing an askew strand,

Nor an intimation of False Pride,
Glides through the air;
Besting the temerity.

One, single, satin Ribbon;
Waltz effortlessly in un-rhyming steps with ease.
A tycoon of Glory:

Engulfing the floating, white element –
As an united omen that binds;

For generations.

And suddenly:
A horizon of the Holy Entity exhilarates the exclusive impetus!
A sun of Hope;

A sphere of Charity;

And an aura of Faith.

All is Rightful and Mighty:
An immortal’s hands’ blessing, guising omnipotent,
Warms the emotion instantly.

And from the center –
A scarlet hue pulses;
Charging with His power and that of the paired Feather and Ribbon,
And commands the everlasting Kingdom,


For, as the years multiply and memories blur,
That undying setting never fades.
With a fiery, diamond ore,

And tiers of Passion –
The color flashes from red, to orange;

To yellow;

To white;
The eternal prose of Love.


The author's comments:
I wrote this as a wedding present to my Aunt and Uncle...about their love and life together. Enjoy :) <3

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