Forget Him Not

December 22, 2011
By suzyqgirl777 GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
suzyqgirl777 GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
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I regret nothing.

Laments and sorrows keep her from her work
Passing through foggy days, blurred by tears
Stumbling through life, now worthless
Without his sweet embrace.

Forget him not, Oh mournful soul!

Keep him by this bedside, allow him

To stay awhile here upon her breast.

Jerked away in the midst of life, He
Falls away, an image passing in the wind.
Sounds hiss, the wind whispers
Sad nothings, the earth joins in
The chorus singing songs of sad lament.

Sweet songbirds fly away, gone for the season;
Their final note hangs in the air,

A crisp remembrance.

Forget him not, Oh woeful world:

His heart beats on, trapped

By a stone cold tomb forevermore.

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