January 10, 2012
By , Rochester, NY
A crescent of light emerges
From the dark blue night sky.
Every rose and lily seal themselves
Away from the world,
As they slowly go to slumber.
Every creature of the ground to the birds of the air
Nestle down with their young.
From afar lies a busy city
With bright lights everywhere.
Cars and limos transport people
From place to place.
Drive thru’s are full with hungry customers
After a day’s end of work.
Mothers read bedtime stories to their children.
But the children can’t sleep
Until their fathers come home.
The fathers burst through the door
And greet their children with
love and compassion.
With no patience to spare
The children run, laugh,
And tackle each other playfully.
Soon the fun ends
As the mothers rush their children to bed.
Bit by bit, every sleepy eyes close
As they go off into a deep slumber
Not aware of anything but their dreams.
While every child falls asleep
All but one remains awake.
The child sits by the corner of the window
Looking at the stars shimmer in the sky,
The city lights beaming along the streets,
Cars honking their horns,
And people shouting rude names
At one another.
The child observes
Everything very closely.
Having eyes that move
From one event to the other.
Tedious of the busy street life
The child looks out yonder.
The only thing the child sees
Is a peaceful rural land
Not even ten miles
Away from the child’s house.
As the child longs
To go to the country
The father walks through the door
And makes the child go to sleep.
The child kisses the father
Says goodnight, climbs into bed,
And pretends to be asleep.
As soon as the father left,
The child makes
One last visit to the window.
Satisfied with the observations,
The child finally
Goes off into a deep slumber.

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