January 7, 2012
By EnigmaCalaway SILVER, Nottingham, Maryland
EnigmaCalaway SILVER, Nottingham, Maryland
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Doctor, doctor, I have these symptoms
I've checked everything:
Websites and books and everything but you
But I don't know what's wrong with me.

Well what are your symptoms ma'am?

I have a racing heart and sweaty palms,
A flushed face and churning stomach,
Weak knees and locked muscles,
I'm stuttering and tongue-tied
I'm depressed, but sometimes overwhelmingly confident.

Isn't that weird, doctor?
What does all of this mean?
Is there something wrong with me?
How long do I have to live?

Well ma'am, you see, I have two possibilities for you
Both are common, but one is worse than the other.

Well what is it, doctor?
Will I be okay?
Will I survive?
Is it cancer?

No, no, no, certainly not caner.
You see, you either are about to have a stroke,
Or you're simply in love.

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