Only For A Moment

January 10, 2012
I plug them in my ears, I put my head back, and close my eyelids.
I block out every sound around me.
I block out the yelling, the arguing, the dark, the light.
I let the music control me and my mind.
I put a smile on and relax, but only for a moment, but that moment i will savor.
The song is halfway done and then I jerk away and hear my mom yelling at me or my dad saying "I called you four times already". I apologize in fustration knowing i wont be able to go back in being relaxed. Anger fills me and i sit in the car with one earphone on and listening to my sister yelling, my parents gossiping, the car's music on full blast and then my sister throwing things at me. I put my head on the window and cry silently knowing i cant escape life.. my life.

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