The Night Sky

January 10, 2012
By , Wausaukee, WI
The Moon is bright
Shining in the night
It shines in the sky
As mid-night draws nigh
A ring of pure ice
So large yet so nice
Harmless though it seems
A cold night it deems

The stars far and near
Sparkle so clear
They stretch so far
Their beauty cannot mar
Constellations so great
Each one signs a date
Leo, my symbol
A lion so nimble

The clouds gather 'round
Some a great mound
Massive waves of rain
Shall serve no pain
The rain shall pour down
Dressing the earth in a shimmering gown
It pitters and patters on every window pane
On every house down every lane

In Wisconsin's late Autumn days
The snow in ways sometimes pays
It makes the earth reflect and shine
The sun light for a second time
The clear reflection illumines the night
In such a wonderful and beautiful sight
It glows as heaven
All night to five from eleven

Then comes the branches so grim
In the daylight are the brim
Of ugly old trees
That can't fall to their knees
Though harmless they look
They're not from a book
These leaves frame the moon
The beauty you shall see soon

This is the night sky
Full of stars and yet I
Love the moon the most
It has not a mouth to boast
The snow makes the light
Oh what a sight
And the dead leaves frame
A beautiful picture with no name

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