No Regrets

January 11, 2012
By TennisAndWriting11 SILVER, Springboro, Ohio
TennisAndWriting11 SILVER, Springboro, Ohio
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Everyone has regrets.
Everyone makes decisions that they wish they hadn't.
Everyone makes a bad decision every now and then.
Regrets, though, are not helpful or healthy
Hanging on to your mistakes will only drag you down
And some people get dragged so far down that they can't come back up.
Regrets are just mistakes you are forcing yourself not to forget.
Mistakes are meant to teach a lesson
And you are meant to learn from them
Mistakes don't need to lead to regrets
They only become regrets if you allow them to be.
Take the initiative to learn from your mistakes
And then forgive yourself and forget them.
Live your life with no regrets
Because life is too short to live with them.
Yes, you will continue to make mistakes
But learn from them and move on.
Live your life.
Have fun.
Love deeply.
Laugh out loud.
Forgive and forget, have no regrets.
Life is too short to have them.

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