What is Love?

January 11, 2012
Love; a word used everyday.
We say it to those we care about,
and others say it to simply make conversation.
"I love you,"; the three words everyone wants to hear.
Husband and wife,
Boyfriend and girlfriend,
Parent and child,
Sister and brother,
Best friends.
Love isn't just said when we run out of words.
Love is a feeling, an emotion.
A feeling that makes us think about someone all day.
You can't even dream of being without them.
You'd break down if they ever left you.
Love is caring about someone no matter what their past may look like.
Never judging, never thinking any less of them.
Love is sad, love is happy.
Love is a roller coaster of events,
and you chose who to ride it with.
When you love someone, you'd do anything just to see them smile.

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