Mary, Mary

January 11, 2012
By RoseMonster GOLD, Plainville, Connecticut
RoseMonster GOLD, Plainville, Connecticut
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Dad’s off drinking again,
Mother’s praying to Jesus
Hanging on a wall
By a nail.
She asks Him,
“Forgive my son,
He knows not what he does.”
But she doesn’t hear you
Weeping outside her door.
“Mary, Mary why,”
You cry,
“Can’t I be the one I want to be?
Why can’t you see
How much it’s killing me?
Mary, the truth hurts
More than you’ll ever know
Because all I’ll ever be
In your eyes
Is a Sodomite.”

It’s been a few years,
And you’re out on your own,
Living alone.
Your little apartment
Faces the shore
And the sea.
But things still haven’t changed.
Mary still cries on the phone.
And inside,
You haven’t stopped either,
Still bleeding from where she pierced
Your hands and feet.
So you get down on one knee
Look up to Heaven
And pray,
“Mary, Mary please
Come back to me.”

The author's comments:
This is one of my many attempts at putting my complex relationship with my mother in words.

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