Pink and Blue

January 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Almost reaching the age of two, moving into a white house, shutters blue
Sitting in our strollers, observing the world around us moving like a time warp
We didn’t know where we were going, but we knew we had each other
Five years old and invincible
We picked weeds we believed to be “flowers” and sold them on the street
The rolling thunder of the yellow bus strikes us for the first time
Summer, Cape Cod, Boating
The blistering heat beating down while riding bikes, and going on hikes
Her birthday on Halloween every year, the first time trick-or-treating
Friendship bracelets, pink and blue
Colors that always remained true
Playing on the tire swing
The backyard our jungle
Eight years old, we had it all figured out
The “For Sale” sign stood straight on my front lawn
We packed every memory into lifeless brown boxes
The bubble wrap crackled at our feet
Tears, hugs, goodbyes
A picture lies on my desk staring at me.
My best friend next door, now many miles away
A best friend gone

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