Beautiful and dirty rich

January 11, 2012
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Beautiful & Dirty Rich!
I wanted everything I could lay my eyes on
Clothes, shoes, hats, scarves
The finest foods the best cars
My father’s cigars
My grand mothers wealth
Even though I tried to deal
The scent of the money was stronger than a lemon peal.
I wanted everything that I could see
More things than I could handle
All the stuff I had made my friends babble
I need all the stuff because that’s all I had
My mom and dad were not very rad
It was all too sad, the very bad child hood I had
The money made things seem to be better
Although I thought I should jump in the water to get wetter
Maybe it would clear my mind to help me find me
I need Prada, and Gucci, and Louie
I hate the fakes the ones people call fouie
Because without them I would die
To live like me u had to see
That all I ever wanted was more money for me
No love, no joy no warm teddy bears
Just greed and money that’s what I had
It tastes as good as milk and honey and jam
I want my stuff I need it to snap out of it I need the sound of a loud bam
It’s like a drug and I cant beat it I even called my friend pam
To see if she could help before I went to far
Money can bring a lot of happiness
Just for the people who want it
But I need to stop I want to shun it
All I ever wanted was cash
I guess I throw a big bash, I finally found myself before I crashed.

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