The Oak by the Ocean.

January 11, 2012
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The privilege of being young and careless is taken for granted, and it's those who lose it before they ever really had the chance to have it understand this the most.
The dreaming dies all to often, and the hope struggles to withstand the trials of time.
Forced to dig roots deep enough into sand to ensure it's place in the future, like an oak by the ocean.
Stronger, more aware than the others who fill their minds with the pettiness of this existence,
But oddly enough it's easy to find one's self envious of their ability to.
Abandoned, alone, afraid, yet unable to allow themselves to fall victim to these struggles for there are decisions that must be made, and sacrifices that necessary.
Constantly swallowing wants and desires in compliance to the demands.
Beaten, bruised, tired, but there is no time to rest.
There are things to be done, and the pressure heavily occupies their shoulders.
It's easy to be unsure of the decisions made with youth and the lack of guidance.
The struggles of becoming an adult so much before their time, and the inability to bask in the rewards of adulthood.
You promised they'd become amazing, that they'd strive.
The personality they were 'gifted' with ensures that they'll never give up on their responsiblities.
Never truly be careless, and always the ones who accept what is, and there place in this world.
They will eventually have an easier existence because of their understanding, but eventually isn't now.
And now is surely it's taking it's toll.

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