The Show That Will Hold Me Forever

January 11, 2012
By FletchCatch SILVER, Westbrook, Maine
FletchCatch SILVER, Westbrook, Maine
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The show...
It's stunning,
the way they portray the characters,
the way they write the episodes,
and the way they make people emotionally attached to the show.
This show is a true gift from God,
a show that the angels watch in Heaven.
The characters truly make this show special,
you get hitched on a ride through the episodes,
crying when they cry,
hurting when they hurt,
and hating when they hate.
The victims are true actors and actresses,
playing the role of a confused and distraught victim.
The explosive guest stars,
the evil perps that you want taken down,
and the sinister defense lawyers who you sometimes are actually on the same side with.
The shootouts,
and the shootings,
the shots fired
and the bullet wounds.
The boss, Dan Florek,
the beautiful Mariska Hargitay and the role model she is,
the tough, street-wise rapper Ice-T,
the handsome and cunning Christopher Meloni,
and Richard Belzer, who always seems to come up with the wittiest remarks,
they are the people who make the show what it is,
why I watch it every week.
All of this mixed together,
well, I think it makes for one astonishing,
emotionally gripping drama series that will keep hold of you until the very end,
and then you wait and wait for it to be on next week,
so you can follow the detectives as they help the victims and catch the perps.
This show is one of many cop shows,
but only one,
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,
truly drags me into the storyline,
and that show will be in my heart,
no matter what happens

The author's comments:
I am obsessively addicted to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (a.k.a, SVU). I watch it all the time. I thought that I would make a poem to tell people how the show is to me, and how I love it.

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