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January 11, 2012
You held my heart,
Cupped it in your palm,
But you didn’t do what you intended.
I wanted to experience it,
But you sheltered me,
Extending your branches,
Overwhelming me.
You were supposed to comfort me
All you did was shove me into a frigid stone wall,
Once laced with intricate patterns of wildflowers and passion,
Now bitter with hate and shriveled colorless flowers.
No you did not embrace me.
I silently heard my heart shatter
You were the one who broke my paper heart
You didn’t catch my tears,
But you squeezed them from my crystal blue eyes,
And captured them in a jar of memories,
Reminding me day by day with humiliation,
Letting the memories shower down on me.
They say be afraid
But I’m not
I run my hand over the smooth texture
My thumb hits a gritty indent
I take a deep breathe
The bright shimmering color of lime green astounds me
What are you?
What makes you so… different?
The light catches and stumbles
Showing me something I have never noticed before
You are beautiful
You relieved so much pain before
Relieve so much more pain again
The cold water trickles down my desert-like throat
As you fill me up with regret and satisfaction.
Take away the pain
Take it away

TOUCH Acrostic Poem
T remendous shivers erupt over my body
O mit the feelings the feelings of before, only you is what I think about,
U nderneath the stars you brush the hair from my eyes
C louding my view of the world, while my though spill into the sky
H ushing the worries, and calming my inner being.

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