Living in Fear

January 11, 2012
By Ashlynn98 GOLD, Anna, Texas
Ashlynn98 GOLD, Anna, Texas
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Love is the weapon, for this wounded Generation. Love is the only thing thats kept me Believing!!!!! NeverShoutNever

Love has a way of creeping up on you. Your living your life, day by day. Not worrying about tomorrow. But you unexspectedly run into an old friend. Ya`ll go out to dinner. Then on a date, then to your wedding. Next you know, you have a family. You have kids! And now you worry about tomorrow. Now your living your life week by week, year by year...Not day by day. Your living in fear of what will happen next. But your hopefull! Thats how you live...fearfull and hopefull. Those who live their life without fear, have nothing to live for. Your living life fearfull. Thats the way to go!

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