Wasted Love

January 11, 2012
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Part One

I always hoped to god
That I would mean
A little more than the sounds
That escape your three AM lips.
I really hoped I meant
A little more than a symphony
Of heavy breathing,
And the friction of hips.
But that’s not how this went.
So while you’re under her,
I’ll be over you.
It’s as if
Nothing you ever said was true.
You’ve never seemed so fake,
Every breath you take,
Is wasted on an undeserving guy,
Who wants every girl in the world,
Either grasping at threads,
Or sleeping in his bed.
So I’ll cry the rivers,
And you burn the bridges.
I’ll sew us up,
While you rip the stitches.
Downward spiraling, out of control,
Haunted by what you did to my soul.
Sunsets are overrated,
They just seem to decieve.
Romance and love are enough,
To make me heave.
I’m above your love,
But somehow I can’t get enough.
Love drives us all crazy,
Makes us go mad,
Makes us scream,
Til it’s so good it’s bad.
I can’t stand this love,
It got out of hand,
Minutes have turned to hours,
That I can no longer withstand.

Part Two

You’re not the same person,
You used to be.
Not the person who would never hurt me.
It’s people like you that bring out the worst in me.
You’re so selfish,
There’s no way you’ll ever see,
That in an effort to get revenge
For you hurting me,
I fell in love with my own worst enemy.
Did you know I clench my teeth when you speak?
Surprisingly this is the first thought
I’ve had of you this week.
Except for today is Sunday,
And I forgot to pray,
For a break,
From all the apologetic nothingness,
You constantly throw my way.
The only words I have left are these,
And some of the precious memories.
So please, just leave me be.

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