The War

January 11, 2012
By IronMan98 BRONZE, Mount Union, PA, Pennsylvania
IronMan98 BRONZE, Mount Union, PA, Pennsylvania
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The bodies lay, carelessly crumpled, The bodies with bullets inside,

Dead or nearly so,
The bodies do lie

The war that caused these deaths

Be the one between the globe’s Superpowers

Thanks to MAD the world shall be ended

As America fights wars against its equal,

These bodies shall be strewn around the battlefields,
Until one fires the great Missile,
The great ball of light,
Ensuring the death of all

Then, up into the sky shall be sent another ball of light by the other,
Aimed at their enemy

Humanity and animals alike dying instantly,

By the nanosecond the death toll rises,

All shall end at once

I know not whether the Earth shall rise again,
But I am certain that no matter the case,

The cause of any doubt will be the cause of so many deaths,
The War

If the world does survive

For some miracle saved it,
There shall be wars again
For humanity knows not

That war ends all

And so the past shall repeat itself

As it so oft does

And another great War shall come,
Perhaps even several

But for now,

The War ends all

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