'Just One More'

January 11, 2012
'Just One More...
Just One More...
Just One More...
O-one more and I'll b-be ok-kay
O-one more and I'll f-forget
O-one m-more and all th-this will g-go aw-way'
- Drunk?

She vows 'Just One More' will slowly numb the pain a little more
'Just One More' will blurr his face from recidnition
'Just One More' will make this situation run smoother
'Just One More' and her world, mind, and self will become altered, numbed, and erased; back to level one
But 'Just One More' gave her just enough courage and delayed thoughts
That last 'One' was 'Just One' too many
'Just One More' step
'Just One More' hug
And as she walked away with 'One More' in her hand and bestfriend by her side
Her face grew more red, lips quivering
Her heart gave out 'Just One More' time
Her eyes drew back their veils and let the tears flow 'Just One More' time
She sat down on the damp grass in the starlit night and let her heart get severed from her body 'Just One More' time
As she stumbled away she whispered 'Never Again' to the Moon
But what the Moon saw was her forgetting her heart and soul out in the rain 'Just One More' time

'So you tell me, do you honestly think it's true when she says 'Never Again'? Because next time will be 'Just One More' time.'

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yesitsme said...
Feb. 19, 2016 at 4:40 am
Your first love is what your forgetting and it's just one more guy in your room
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