Good bye....

January 7, 2012
By nikkismith168 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
nikkismith168 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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dear god,

im in love with [ ]

was in love with [<3]

something i couldn't have,

always thinking,

what could have been,

im too positive to over see the past things,

with a side of confidence to over look your dirty past ways,

captivated for months,

looking back,

that time seemed just like a few days,

i told you once,

you still just never got the Que,

because because im too perfect to ever be with you,

onto the next,

to find someone for me,

better then the rest,

the days of love,

still seem so far away,

those easy going days where you stole my freshman heart away,

now your just a thing to me,

because if i give you a human emotion,

i have to believe youve got a heart,

knowing thats not true,

because if you had a heart,

id probably be with you,

there is no place like home,

your moving out,

1 year,

2 years,

3 years,


to go gain some knowledge,

maybe you'll learn something new,

but from now on screw you.

i miss you [ ]

i hate you[ ]

i wish you the best [?<3]

(i told you i can bust out rhymes,
but you'll never waste anymore of my f***ing time)

The author's comments:
This is about someone i loved<3 he really fooled me</3

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