Lost Hope

January 9, 2012
By marymookenley BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
marymookenley BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
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Rehabilitate the life you were given
Just to turn back around to what you were driven
Stop the madness and return to Him
For you are ruining a precious gem
Keep us up to worry when we know why you're late
In the blink of an eye you will drown in fate
Forbidden from yet you still want more
You make my nose burn when you walk in the door
As the scent of alcohol seeps from her skin
It seems as if its permanently with in
She never grew up from all of her mistakes
Few can tell due to her many locked gates
Two sides she has built up in our minds
Happy go lucky and one of a kind
How easily we forget she's drinking again
Is it just me or did I loose my best friend?

The author's comments:
This poem is about my sister who suffers from alcoholism. I want to share it with people who could be in a similar disposition. It would truly make me happy if my work inspired another teenager to express themselves through writing when they are experiencing a problem in their life. I hope that from this article people will see that they are not alone and there is always some one out there that can relate to you.

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