Time Flies When it Grows Wings

January 8, 2012
By Corey Small, Union, MO

If time has past
do you think we're dying and fading too fast?
When we grow old
could we speak the words that's hardened in the mold?
But does it seem to grow cold when we sit seperately alone?

We'll roll down like a rock collecting moss (We collect moss)
When we hit the bottom, we'll watch the stars cross (Watch them cross)
Through this process we'll break shining things
Cuz time flies when it grows wings

When we arrive
will there be someone holding open our door?
we'll make love
while rolling softly on the carpeted floor
But does it seem like this moment will last forever

Take a breath
hold my hand
we'll journey off
to a distant land

kiss an angel
grab it's ring
this place is never ending
Time flies when it grows wings

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