January 8, 2012
By pandavalanche GOLD, Folsom, California
pandavalanche GOLD, Folsom, California
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In all due respect,
you've been terrific with deception, love

Yes, it's clear--
your intentions don't have
"vague" listed anywhere

but oh, you're very vague
with blue paint
over your actions that I am no longer deliberately illiterate for


God, are you there?
What do I tackle first?

And in heading out to the battle zone,
which is the first to die, deprived from my attention?
Before I even take aim...

In all due respect,
I can be vague, too, love

I can herd these sheep,
and shhh, not tell them I am a wolf

I can do it, I was a sheep once, too.

I don't have to tell anyone anything
by dodging all with nothing
and giving them everything.

Because I am how many stair steps higher?

Fools who forget how to climb:
Which one was the artist?

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