If It's Not Too Late To Run Outside

January 8, 2012
By pandavalanche GOLD, Folsom, California
pandavalanche GOLD, Folsom, California
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My love, my love!

When had you found my
sorry eyes?

For my clock was set dreadfully early--
Maybe ten hours in advance
And I failed to see if your departure
had followed through
If you were smiling or weeping
When the train slowed beside you

Ah, but do not feel
As if I have forgotten
My morning eyes bear
dark circles,
but I tumble from my sheets

Containing my wishes
That you created
I see, today I see
My misfortunes were sliding
From my uncut fingernails
And I was laughing--laughing!
Because I hid my plethora
Of self-doubt

My love, you forgot your scarf
And the mornings are unbearably cold
Cold enough so that your breath dances in front of your face
Then dissapates

Much like the worries I had until only yesterday!

And I will show you--
I'll show you
By smiling true when your eyes
Show me even a hint of sadness

Do not worry, love, for I am here.

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