Will the real me, please stand up?

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Looking in the mirror,
with eyes filled with joy;never known tear,
with nose smelling sweet scents of jasmines; never smelt pain,
with mouth covered with smiles; never known frown,
with clear minds filled with joy; never known sadness.
I see beauty, I see glamor, I see me...
I look again, I see something else,
Looking in the mirror,
with eyes filled with tears, not a trace if joy,
with nose smelling pain not an odor of flowers,
with mouth covered in frown; never known smiles,
mind clogged with sadness, never drained joy,
I see pain, ugly, I see failure, I see me...
I sit and wonder, "which is me"
Will the real me, please stand,
I pray, I hope...
My heart stays close to the first one,
I hope its the one...
I really do

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I've been a lot of conflict with myself lately. Writing makes me better.

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