Sassy Walker

January 6, 2012
I see the way you walk towards me.
You think you can get away.
You cheat, and you whisper
Things about me.
I know what you’re up to.
I call you out, and you deny.
You lie right to my face.
I shout at you, you shout back.
I decide it’s over.
You start with tears,
Then begging on your knees.
You don’t want to go,
But I don’t care.
Now it’s ignorance.
You pretend to push it off,
Act like it’s nothing.
But I see the hurt in your eyes.
I don’t react, and tell you to leave.
Now it’s anger.
You say you were better off.
You say Fine, whatever.
I don’t need you.
I say Fine. I don’t need you.
Now get out of my life.
She starts walking,
And tries to get me back too.
But I don’t trust you anymore.
I see the way you walk away,
All over the place, trying to win back
What you’ve lost.
But I know.
So go ahead,
Walk away, see what I care.
I don’t need you to satisfy myself.
I ignore you, and you start running.
Tears start pouring again.
I suddenly realize I need you.
I run over and tell you.
You are overjoyed and jump into my arms.
But now I realize the mistake.
I should’ve just let you walk away.
Now you’re talking again,
And see others without me.
Now I’ve got caught up again
In this dangerous cycle
Called Love.

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