Losing a Parent

January 11, 2012
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I don’t know what it’s like
Losing a parent to
The cold claws of death
Or to some scary disease
That you don’t know anything about

I do know what it’s like
To have a parent walk out
To never see them again

I don’t remember much
From when my dad left
All I know is what
I have been told

But I learn
That he wasn’t as nice
As he said
That he was actually

I was happy to see him
That day in the court house
But when seeing his new wife and kid
Who was only a few years younger

It shattered my body
Made me understand
That I wasn’t wanted anymore
And that he had no love for me
Nor my mom

No matter what was said
Him telling me that it was okay
And that he loved me
There was no way I could
Believe him
I knew that it was all fake
Only at the age of eight

To me
It was as if he
Didn’t own a heart
That he didn’t care
About the ‘other’ family

It makes me happy
That I wrote that letter
The was strongly worded and
Out of place for me

Glad that he called
At least to act like he cared
Even if he didn’t

It’s odd
No that after all these years
I still write about him
When he’s probably
Already forgotten about me
About the small, fragile girl
That was left behind

They say that what doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger
And it has

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Twilightgirl97 said...
Jan. 30, 2013 at 12:15 am
I liked this. I had conflicted feelings as I read it but once I got to the end it still had me thinking. And I like that. A good poem is one that leaves you thinking.
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