The incomplete.

January 11, 2012
By LikeWobbly PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
LikeWobbly PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
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Observation one, your chest is rising and falling, a motion associated with breathing. And yes, your really quite alive, it appears. But a lesson learned all too often, and taken to heart not nearly enough, nothing is what it seems. The clouds aren't just clouds, they are rabbits and dragons, the imagination of children at their finest. The rain is more than just rain, it's the opportunity to wash away your tears, to live and to laugh, to forgive and forget. That smile you wear is a smile learned, rehearsed, and painted beautifully, but it's not felt. An illusion, intended to mislead, deceive.
Observation two, your face flushes at the sounds of snickers, and your heart drops all to often with uncertainty and fear. Afraid they are laughing at you, afraid that your never going to ease up, never going to be able to hold your shoulder back and fight fire with that gorgeous smile of yours. It all begins with this moment, this very instant, smile to yourself. Your blessed with everything they're not.
Observation three, you are right in front of me, and although you feel as if your too preoccupied with being preoccupied you must realize that you, whoever you are, are the most amazing person. You are one in a million, and as hard as it might be you must hold onto life with everything you have, you must not let them make you feel like your just another body occupying space in the morgue. Your do good to be so dead.

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