'Til life do us part.

January 11, 2012
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This planet, as big and magical as it might be, breaks from time to time.
It's weakness, it's fault clearly defined, shown in lines across it's suface.
My heart equally splendid, however filled with love rather than lava, equally fragile.
Love often comes with the promise of lose, a fact of living, a lesson learned.
It's pattern now, it's been tested, and the results returned, it's proven.
The attempts to control my own fate, and share my heart are without prevail.
With the certainty one who could see the future I know that every plan put into motion is not mine to enforce, and not mine to live, not now.
Blindess does not protect me from the glares from others, the disapproving glances, the snickers.
Perhaps the source of this reaction lies in the fact that I'm more willing to lose my sight in order to win the battles.
I would rather be blind to the certain pain speeding towards me than to linger with tear swollen eyes on the side of the road, begging with the fates.
I take my chances, I make my choices.
Effort is in every action I perform, trying harder than you know.
Wish you wouldn't watch me choke, let my lungs to fill with water, and my heart overflow with sorrow,
Only to let me up to breathe, over, and over, and over.
It's only a matter of time before I'm watching the flashbacks, gasping for air.
Every time I dry off the tears, the blood, the sadness.
And stare into tomorrow, into the future, and wait..
'Til life do us part.

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