The lead that lead to this.

January 11, 2012
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It was idea spread carelessly across the paper in hopes to perserve it, savor it.
Written by young, shaking and unsure hands.
It was navitiy at it's finest.
Tears stained the pages,
Hope fueled the pencil as it glided across the page.
A chance to leave the confusion behind, to find a new and better futrue.
The beginning, the middle, and the to be continued..
The most exciting adventure, the chance of a life time.
A missed oppruinity returning,
The dream come true.
The discovery that dreams don't always play out according to the story books.
That sometimes grass is dead and dying on the other side.
And hearts don't survive without sunshine.
An unimaginable pain.
A sorrow that is impossible to ever truly forget.
The nightmare's door into the real world.
The regrets, the doubts, the fear, the blame, the consumption.
Missing you, missing then, missing it all.
Facing the unrepairable break.
Conquering the pain, and redirecting the hurt.
Becoming who I need to be to have a future good enough to make up for the years lost.
Finding the strength, the courage, the motivation to carry on.
Fighting the fight.
A strength that came with a high price.
The realization that people are simply selfish.
That they can't be trusted, to love you, or to be loved.
The reason that hearts aren't worn on sleeves, or even worn at all.

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