The one who wears the cape.

January 11, 2012
By LikeWobbly PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
LikeWobbly PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
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The lies you've told yourself; it's not worth it, the truth you evade; they care, the hurt you collect; the hidden tears, fears. It's made you you, turned you into that amazing, breath taking person before me. The change started in your heart and spread to your eyes. And yes it's clear that you've pushed them away to arm length, and you have every intention of keeping them there, keeping them from hurting you anymore than they already have. The few that look close enough can see the loving spark that remains, waiting in the form of an ember ready to catch fire. Your different now then before, yet your the same good heart, the same caring soul. You are not those lies, that fear, that pain, they don't define you. You don't let them, and even with as hard as you try to convince the ones around you otherwise the truth comes out. Your beautiful truth, your story is out. The strength and courage in your heart, the love for life not so hidden in your eyes is why they look up to you, even if they don't admit it.

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