He used to be mine

January 11, 2012
How could you do it? You took everything away from me. We were doing just fine, but now all I can do is think about us. You were my first true love and you just act like it’s nothing, no big deal. You were on my mind all night, but I have to put up a front so no one will see. I can’t bear to live my life without you; I guess I’ll have to learn. Everybody says that I’m strong. In reality I am a wreck. I miss you and everything you do. The way you said my name. The way you would always pick on me, I thought it was cute. The way you would come up behind me and catch me off guard by grabbing my waist. The way you kissed me, I always got butterflies. The ways you showed you loved me. Now, all of that is gone. I feel as if I were a ghost just waiting to move on; but how can I move on when you are my light? You made my days bearable, now my nights are dreadful. What will I do without you? I’ll just blend in so nobody will know my hurt. When all I really do is lay at home by myself just thinking… he used to be mine.

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