The Author

January 11, 2012
The Author of the universe knows each and every star.
He affixed each one in the heavens,
And He knows just who you are.

The Author of the sun, and fluffy clouds up high.
Maker of chirping birds, and cute kittens,
Feels you pain, knows your thoughts, and even hears you sigh.

The Author of flora fair,
has sniffed the scent of each one.
He made the trees and flowers sprout everywhere.
And He knew you before you had even begun.

The Author of all the animals knows each and every one.
From lions to tigers to bears, oh my! Even the most tiny bug.
He exhaled the breath of life into you,
Before His creation of you was done.

The Author of creation, the one who thought of soap,
Knew we would need His help,
And fills us each day with hope.

God of creation, and maker of me,
Knows my name and everything about me.
He knows you, and you, and you.
He made everyone on this earth.

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