January 10, 2012
By , Rochester, NY
Winter, a marvelous season,
Snow covers the land,
Giving an illusion of a shimmery white blanket.
Beautiful snowflakes float gently from the sky
But look at them closely,
They dance playfully in the air,
Excited to finally touch the ground.
Adding up the snow on the surface.
The snow appears to have cast a spell on the land.
All is calm and quiet,
Nothing moves,
From the single little grass covered by snow,
To the stillest tree branch.
Every animal hibernates and awaits the upcoming spring.
On the other hand, I stay inside by the cozy fireplace,
Covered by a warm blanket.
In one hand I have a book, and in the other,
Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
As soon as the hot chocolate touches my lips,
It melts inside my mouth,
The flavor and warmth of the hot chocolate,
Dances across my taste buds,
Keeping me always warm and cozy.
Every sip causes a shock of warmth that spreads,
Like warm fluids throughout my body.
Yes, isn’t winter a marvelous season for everyone.

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