As Days Go By

January 10, 2012
By dgriff95 BRONZE, Pownal, Maine
dgriff95 BRONZE, Pownal, Maine
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As days go by
You tell them good bye,
With the sun hiding
You have nothing left to say,
But the truth of what is to be

When night falls around,
You hit north bound
Right for bed
Sleep the night away,
And make the best of summers day

As days go by
Your loved ones have grown,
When you see them your left to groan

Wishing you could go back,
Go back to when they were little,
Crawling around with a rattle and Binky,
And sucking their thumb when they get sleepy

As days go by
Ones who loved you,
Have come and gone,
Like the days of the glowing sun
They have had a heck of a run

The strength of others may seise the day,
But the power of your self will never bow down
You take them over like night and day,
You knock them down as if they were bowling pins

As days go by
Your days have come and gone,
Now it’s my turn to live what you have done

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