Butterflies Fly Away

January 10, 2012

Butterflies that share my fate
Sing softly and slowly for a world of pain
One hope, One light
Fills my darkness
A song so beautiful
One that makes the skies cry

You give me the light
Hun, you’re my lullaby
You sing the songs that once brought me joy
My one glimpse of heaven
In this hellish nightmare
Love O’ mine, let me dream tonight

Music that fills my soul
A sorrow filled chorus
Black roses thrown at my feet
Dying slowly
Is this the fate I seek?

Streets drawn in red
Fate, Sorrow said,
Everyone’s’ path is all the same
No one can break the mold
No one can get rid of the pain

You set my world in motion
Setting fire to the rain
Putting color back into a world
Where black and white grabbed hold of my mind

But I knew that was the last time
The last time

Let me breathe
Let me sing
Let me love
Let me seek

One thing, was all I knew
You came and tuned my world
On to you

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