Wow, How Could You?

January 10, 2012
Choosing substance over your own daughter,
Too busy shooting up herbal water…
Abandonment is the most scaring thing,
It’s not something that just stings…
It effects relationships, me, my trust,
Distance between me and others is now a must...
Whether or not I’m really enough,
When angered I’m just as gruff.
Loving isn’t as easy,
Not into the shallow stuff or even the cheesy.
You wonder if anyone will stick around,
If I ever find someone I’ll be quite astound.
Betrayal of parents is hard to cover,
Turn anyone into a hater and not a lover.
Keeping your cool in school is tough,
Trying to hide all the scars, the sob stuff.
One parent near the other gone,
To them I’m nothing but their spawn…

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