That special shoulder you cry on...

January 10, 2012
By weezybaby18 SILVER, Camas, Washington
weezybaby18 SILVER, Camas, Washington
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What really is a true friend?
For you will they let their back bend?
Your emotions they’ll attempt to mend,
Voluntarily do idiotic things to make you feel happy,
When they know your day’s going crappy?
The day’s coming to and end and they give you a call,
Wish you sweet dreams and say you’re a doll,
Does everyone agree to disagree,
Or is that just me?
Is your friend the type that can keep a secret and won’t tell,
Or the one that uses their body to sell?
I have a few of both,
But you know what I love most?
Is that friendship can rekindle anytime of day,
Even if it’s a old flame.

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