Prince Charming<3

January 10, 2012
By weezybaby18 SILVER, Camas, Washington
weezybaby18 SILVER, Camas, Washington
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For my life I have to decide on a inspirational motive,
Most of the things I have done in the past and to come it is hard to forgive,
Some things I wouldn’t mind to go back and relive,
When things go bad and I start to cry,
Everything you ask me I deny,
Looking at you all red eyed,
In my mind I want to go get high,
But if that action took place our friendship would say goodbye,
With the ability to make me smile and have a good time no matter when I’m around you proves a point to me that you’re a nice guy,
When these four years are over and were on a stage giving speeches,
Thinking about all of the insane reasons,
I’ve been with you throughout all my high school seasons,
But then my mind starts to consider,
What if you’re a heart breaker?
Or the opposite and a peacemaker?
You believe in a higher power,
In my past I’ve been a cheater,
But most nights that makes it hard for me to sleep,
Knowing I could do such a act makes me weak,
When I look at you I start to weep,
Because you are such a sight,
You’re the one I have sweet dreams about at night,
Imagining a argument or even a fight,
Is like talking about one another in despite,
I love you everlasting,
And it seems to me you’re my noble knight&lt;3

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